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alayna kellett

Alayna began her dance training in Trenton Ontario, with Carol Brown School of Dance and
accumulated many awards, scholarships and titles while under her tutelage. After graduating
high school, Alayna continued her dance education at Ryerson University, training under
instructors like Nadia Potts, Karen Duplisea, Stelio Calagias, Holly Small, Vicki St Denys , Kenny
Pearl, Allen Kaeja, Robert Glumbeck and Roberto Campanella.
After Ryerson, Alayna performed with several companies such as Ballet Creole, Ballet
Espressivo, The Dance Migration, TDC and, Kaverma. As a choreographer, Alayna has worked
on everything from musicals like ‘Gypsy’ West Side Story’ and ‘Alice: Through the Looking Glass’
for various companies, groups and training programs. She has also choreographed for music
videos and artists’ live performances, corporate shows, cruise lines, commercials, runway
shows and fashion films. She has worked as the resident choreographer for Big Soul
Productions and Lilogi Fashion.
Throughout the years, Alayna has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to perform
on stages for MuchMusic, MTV, TSN, TSN2, CJOH, and countless stages throughout Canada.Film
Studios and F.A.T.
Most recently, Alayna has been hired by various Canadian dance studios to choreograph and
train competitive dancers. Her routines and dancers have won awards like ‘Best Overall
Choreography’ ,‘Top Contemporary Overall Mark’ ,‘Highest overall Lyrical Line’ , ‘Most Potential
Novice Dancer’, and many other various awards, scholarships and trophies.
Beyond dance specific training, Alayna also works as a stage combat choreographer,
movement coach for actors and preparation coach for dancers , prepping for auditions and
dance title competitions.

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