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christine urquhart

Christine Urquhart is a Set and Costume Designer who has worked in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. International favourites include: 'Medea' (Zen Zen Zo), 'The Wholehearted' and 'The Island' (Massive Company/ National Theatre Scotland), Die Fledermaus' (Welsh National Opera), 'Potatostamp Megalomaniac' (Pressure Point Theatre) and 'Call of the Sparrows' (Proudly Asian Theatre). In Toronto: 'Stupid f*cking Bird' (Bird Collective), 'Dancocks Dance' and 'Hogtown' (Hogtown Collective), 'The Good Doctor Holmes' (TPM), 'What Linda Said', 'The Nails,' 'Reality Theatre,' 'Rootless,' and 'Divine' (Summerworks), 'Grimly Handsome' (Theatre Animal) and 'Good Morning Viet  - Mom' (Soaring Skies Collective). She has designed in film including features; 'Language,' an experimental, multi lingual re-imagining of 'King Lear' and horror film 'Lifechanger.' This year she is thrilled to be a Design Assistant at Shaw Festival.

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