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by Michael John LaChuisa


February 4 - February 19, 2018

Artscape Sandbox



Featuring: Eric Morin, Kira Guloien,  Cynthia Hicks, Richard Lam, Kaleigh Gorka, David Lopez, Allie MacDonald, Geoffrey Whynot, Sydney Owchar, Ngabo Nabea

Produced by: The ARTillery Collective (Eric Morin, Ariana Marquis and Kyle Travis Young)


Director: Eric Morin, Kyle Travis Young, Marianne MacIsaac, Indrit Kasapi

Musical Director:  Quinton Naughton 

Set Designer:

Costume Designer: Christine Urquhart

Lighting Designer: Logan Cracknell
Sound Designer: 
Video Designer: Kyle Travis Young
Stage Manager: Hannah MacMillan

Production Manager: Lily Chan


Photo by NXTLVL Media

*Canadian Actors Equity Collective Policy

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