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jung-hye kim

Jung-Hye is a Toronto based set and costume designer. Her other design credits include Now You See Her (Quote Unquote Collective), Shirley Valentine (Thousand Islands Playhouse), Maggie and Pierre (Tarragon Theatre), Prairie Nurse (Factory Theatre), Flying Heart (set-Theatre Direct), The Birds And The Bees (Thousand Islands Playhouse), Kiss (Theatre Smash), Snow Queen (Theatre New Brunswick), Tideline (Hart House Theatre and Canadian Rep Theatre), A Grand Time In The Rapids (Thousand Islands Playhouse), Das Ding (costume-Theatre Smash), Armstrong’s War (costume-Canadian Rep Theatre), Don’t Dress for Dinner (set-Thousand Islands Playhouse), Durango (Fu-gen theatre and Theatre Smash), Small Axe (Project Humanity and The Theatre Centre), Driving Miss Daisy (set-Thousand Islands Playhouse), Minotaur (set-YPT), Pacamambo (costume-Canadian Rep Theatre), Passion Play (set-Outside the March, Convergence Theatre and Sheep No Wool Production), Boblo (Kitchenband Production and The Theatre Centre, Dora nomination for outstanding set design), The Great Mountain (set-

Red Sky Performance with YPT), Pub Opera (Tapestry New Opera), After Akmatova (Tarragon Theatre), Montparnasse (Theatre Passe Muraille and Groundwater Theatre, Dora nomination for outstanding costume design), The Middle Place (Canstage, Project Humanity, Belfry Theatre, GCTC), The Big League (Young People’s Theatre), If We Were Birds (Tarragon Theatre and Groundwater Theatre).

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