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Bio: Kyle Travis Young is the creative director for NXTLVL digital media, a studio and an agency that builds creative video and social media content for brands across Canada and the US. He has worked as a director, Producer, and digital designer for 15 films and music videos and over 100 commercials. 

Kyle has worked as a performer in almost every theatre across the country. He spent two seasons with the Charlottetown festival. He has performed regionally for Theatre Calgary, the CItadel theatre, Theatre Aquarius, and the Vancouver Opera Company.

He trained extensively in Musical theatre, and most recently studied contemporary musical theatre at the Banff Centre for the Arts. 

Kyle maintains his love of theatre but his fervour will forever be film focused. His company NXTLVL digital with which he is a partner and creative producer is closely tied to many film and music enterprises such as the South Western Film Festival and Cinegaze, as well is committed to community outreach for marginalized youth with Sketch

This year Kyle's film "Pulchritudinous Genesis" won best Canadian Fashion Film at CANIFFF and has be seen across the globe in fashion film festivals and has been the subject of many panels on creative dialogue in fashion films.

kyle travis young

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